Please read below this message from Mark Heffner, the volunteer coordinator for Alpha House.  If you can offer some support over the next few weeks please contact Mark directly.

Because of (a) summer vacations and (b) COVID-19, we have an unusually high number of OPEN Meal Slots these next several weeks.  I’m asking you to pass along our open needs to those you think might have interest in hosting a meal or a handful of meals.  Anyone interested may reach out to me directly by text or email so that I can edit our spreadsheet with the date of their choice.  2020 Meal Host Schedule   We’re specifically looking for help with dates in July & August.  Click here to see Our Current Number of Residents.

As a reminder of what to expect when visiting Alpha House, click on our COVID-19 Guidelines for volunteers.  Of course!  Meal Hosts are able to plan and prepare a meal for our families without coming inside our building.  It can be contactless or brought to us via restaurant take-out or delivery if that’s their comfort level.

Church and Synagogue Coordinators – where we have complete open weeks, maybe you might consider adopting that week for our perishable needs only – milk, bread, fruit, veggies, juice.  Much smaller in scale to what you’re used to.

ALWAYS happy to answer any questions you may have!

Mark Heffner
Volunteer Coordinator
4290 Jackson Rd; Ann Arbor, MI  48103
734.822.0220  Main
734.249.5014  Direct
734.249.9227  Voice/Text