Michigan’s Primary Election will be held on Tuesday Aug. 4.  Regardless of your political position, hopefully you feel that the democratic governance of our county is best driven by a population exercising their right to vote, and more importantly, their Informed right to vote.

To that end the League of Women Voters of the Ann Arbor Area (LWVAAA)  is sponsoring a series of Candidate Forums for those running for various positions in Washtenaw County.  These will be recorded and available for viewing a day or two later on the LWVAAA YouTube channel and also the CTN YouTube channel.

Consider checking out these candidates’ discussions online in the days following their recording to learn more about their positions on issues such as local government’s role in advancing racial justice, affordable housing, and incarceration reform.


  • this link https://youtu.be/W95osfisTD4 is to a May 6, 2020 Brown Bag about “The Importance of the Prosecutor’s Office” on how the prosecutor’s office works, hosted by the Dispute Resolution Center of Ann Arbor,
  • this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-94k2NnEDBE&feature=youtu.be is to a January 4, 2020 Prosecutor candidates panel hosted by Friends of Restorative Justice, and
  • this link  https://smartjusticemi.org/  is to the responses to an ACLU County Prosecutor questionnaire from the candidates about their positions on multiple racial justice issues.  Expand the “+” sign next to each name to see the full questionnaire responses.