A heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers, the donors, the youth group, the staff and the worshipers for making this year’s Christmas Eve Community Luncheon and Worship Service a very special event. We were able to host over 80 of the most vulnerable members of our area at St. Clare’s, present each one of them with a small gift from the heart, break bread with them in a festive atmosphere and attend together a truly moving Christmas Eve worship service. Your generosity of the spirit allowed us to spread Christ’s love around us, and extend it to those who need it the most.

Katie Oppenheim, one of the volunteers, said it best: “From the first time I attended this 4 years ago, I was struck by the true community aspect of the event. A couple of things struck me and still do every year. One is this group (and many others, of course) epitomize love in its most grassroots way, sitting around tables and eating together. The second is that in our mostly privileged parish, parents see the importance of having children be in the world and it all seems very natural for the kids. I am ever so grateful for the parents of these children.” 

With gratitude to all,
The Event’s Committee