Whether newcomers or veteran St. Clarians, our community members often wonder how to get involved in our outreach work and our ministries at church. Here is some updated information on getting connected with these opportunities. But first, a prayer from someone who wishes to contribute at our church.

Dear God, I am thrilled to be part of your mission on earth and at St. Clare’s. I know you love me, that you desire hope and purpose for everyone, and you call each person to you. At St. Clare’s, I can help the sorrowful, the hungry, the stranger, the sick, and the friend in need of comfort; I can sing, teach, prepare the sanctuary, acolyte, and assist the service. But only if I’m willing. Give me courage to take the next step. You have been calling me all along.

adapted from: Matthew 25:35-45, credit: 7prayersthatwork.com

One way to get involved is to ask our helpful staff, clergy and Vestry lay leaders. Another way is to ask one of our members who lead an area of interest to you. Below is our list of leaders to contact. These friendly folks will be happy to connect you and help you get involved. You can see them at church or contact them using our online directory (if you do not yet have access to our online directory, please contact Karen, our Parish Administrative Coordinator). For future reference, this listed is posted outside our church office.

I can attest that being involved at St. Clare’s is deeply rewarding. Here’s wishing you success in getting engaged. We’re so glad you are on this journey with us.

with God’s Peace, Knut (Sr. Warden)