Thank you to those who participated in the first annual plant swap! It was a a lot of fun and a great success!  Free plants and labor.  What’s not to love!  Swappers:  Mary Lu Barth, Eric Slosberg , Bill Teepen,  Sarah Weiss, Phil Barr, Clare Heidema, Mary Hayman, a new Grounds Volunteer.  Welcome Mary!!  Apologies if I’ve missed anyone.

Those who came brought plants which were planted where needed within the beds and grounds.  Some of the remainders were planted on the back parking lot slope (succulents and pachysandra) and in a “nursery” in some of the beds on the south side.  Feel free to snag plants from there that you need for your beds around our campus.

Linda Annesley has weeded most of the south side jungle.  Thank you , thank you. This highlights the need to both stay on top of this and to plant ground cover to inhibit and compete with the weeds.  One suggestion is to look for perennial tall sunflowers for the rocky bed behind the social hall.

In other news:

  • Exciting news!  TBE office staff is interested in maintaining a small herb garden on the south side.  I’ll be asking the grounds committee for input on how to help and for guidelines on this, including weeding and maintenance.  Hopefully Allison, with the daycare, will plant bulbs to help with care of the south side beds again this year.
  • Let’s put our best thumbs forward.  Adopt-a-Plotters please find a time to visit and spruce up your plots as we head into the busy fall season.  There is a lots of mulch by the sheds wanting to be used up. 
  • The stump to the right of the entrance drive was ground down and the ground smoothed out today.
  • Now is a great time to visit  nurseries for plant sales.  Donations are appreciated, but feel free to reach out for reimbursement.
  • New wheels have (finally) been put on the wagon in the shed because the old ones were flat.  There is an extra wheel on hand if needed.
  • We have a variety of short low-commitment chores that need to be done.  They would be perfect for someone or a small group with a few hours to spare.  Please reach out for details

The place is looking mostly great with a few places that could use a bit more love. Thanks for all you do.
Phil Barr, Genesis Grounds Co-Chair
Genesis Grounds Committee: Laura Wallace, Linda Annesley, Shoshie Mandel, Sarah Weiss Co-Chair, Your Partners in Grime