(Highlights of the June 19, 2019 Vestry meeting)

Transition: New Interim Rector, the Rev. Maryjane Peck, attended the first Vestry meeting since she took the position on June 1st and discussed some transition period plans. In order to develop a parish profile, the first recommended step is to survey the parish with an instrument called the “Holy Cow Survey.” If all goes as expected, the survey will be available on line in early October. Those who find technology challenging may request a paper copy to complete. The Vestry could expect results sometime around mid-November. Following the survey will be an experience called Holy Conversations. This will give members of the congregation an opportunity to look into and anticipate the future of the parish. Armed with the compiled information from the survey and conversations, the Profile Committee (yet to be formed) will begin developing the parish profile. The data gathering, writing and search process generally takes eighteen months to two years. More information about the transition process will be forthcoming.

What is that? Furniture lines the upper hallway as renovation of the pastor’s office continues funded by a grant from the St. Clare Endowment. A delay occurred when a contractor removed the old flooring and discovered a black substance underneath – testing determined the substance was not asbestos. New flooring was installed after the walls were painted. The office will be refurnished soon and will also have a new computer.

Could You Be An Usher? The role of ushers in many parishes includes welcoming people, handing out service materials, counting the people attending the service, and passing and presenting the offering plates. At the moment, the usher corps is inadequately staffed to be able to reliably handle all those tasks at both Sunday services. Perhaps ushering is a role you could find yourself filling. If you are interested, contact the St. Clare office or Maryjane.

Rain Drops (still) Keep Falling on My Head: The roof over the office complex, the elevator shaft and the foyer outside the adult lounge is leaking. It is going to cost Genesis (the building operations and maintenance corporation comprised of the two congregations) an estimated $34,500 to repair. Of that, St. Clare would be expected to provide about $17,250. St. Clare’s treasurers have applied for a grant from the Trustees of the Diocese of Michigan and another from the Council of the Diocese.

TBE’s High Holy Days & Passover: In a recent Genesis/Temple/Church calendar conference, the St. Clare leadership learned that our Jewish friends will be celebrating the High Holy days on site this year. (In recent years the High Holy Day celebrations were at Pease Auditorium at Eastern Michigan University.) Also, this year the Temple’s celebration of Passover lands on Maundy Thursday in Holy Week. St. Clare leaders offered to be creative so that the Passover Seder can occupy the social hall. Arrangements are pending.

Is a Prayer Ministry for You? Maryjane is seeking to organize a group of St. Clarians who will meet regularly to offer intercessions for people in need of ongoing prayer support. The plan is that weekly prayers in the bulletin will be trimmed on a monthly basis and the intercessory group will lift up those in need of extended prayer support.

Building Security & Safe Church: Genesis, St. Clare’s and Temple Beth Emeth are exploring ways to accommodate access to the building by people with reasons to be in the building while assuring that all are safe. A building safety consultant for the Diocese will be invited to meet with key leaders to establish a policy that meets safety needs for all. Collaborative conversations will continue with the Genesis Security Committee.