Inez Wisdom saw a need for a sacred place, and when she had patients who were unable to pay for their medical expenses, she brought them along in a common mission to build the chapel that was the foundation for St. Clare’s. The legacy started by Inez Wisdom continued years later in her former home by four women who established the Back Door Food Pantry to mitigate hunger in Ann Arbor. It also continued in our participation in the Haiti Outreach Mission, and more recently in the Sanctuary movement. Outreach is the life blood of our faith community.

As a vestry, we were asked to implement several proposals created during our problem-solving sessions in 2017. In ways to increase mission awareness we were asked to encourage participation in outreach programs and strengthen education and awareness through recruitment and announcements. We are happy to say that the Outreach Commission has been reestablished under the leadership of Judie Erb and is now having regular meetings to choreograph our outreach activities and fundraising.

How does the vestry support outreach? On a basic level we support the outreach commission in allocating funds and approving large projects. We are also responsible for recognizing and lifting up your ideas. When we make a commitment of support to an outreach initiative, we have a sacred duty to follow through

Is there an injustice or need in our community? Should something be done about it? The vestry is here to support you and the Outreach Commission is here to support you. You don’t have to ask for permission. And, if you come to us and we are reluctant, you should push us to live out our mission to Act for Justice.

Do you want to get involved?  Come to the next Outreach Commission meeting in June. But you don’t have to wait to start organizing our fellow congregants.

Yours in Our Savior Jesus Christ,

Mike Meyer – member of the Vestry