Church leaders, staff and supervisors of children are required by the Diocese of Michigan to be trained in a program called Safe Church to recognize and prevent abuse of children and vulnerable adults. The latest version of Safe Church has three levels or tracks of training. Suzanne Di Piazza coordinated Track 3 (named Specialized and the most in-depth training), in early April, for vestry members and our nursery monitor. Track 1 (Universal) would be beneficial to all St. Clare’s congregants. It is a 90-minute online session that fosters a culture of safety and inclusion of all people, and covers a broad overview of issues regarding vulnerability, power, and healthy boundaries. Universal Training is designed to equip all people to live out their Baptismal Covenant. To take this course online, simply email Vicki Hesse at for a link. More information about Safe Church can be found on the EDOMI website. Any questions? Please connect with Suzanne.