A Partnership of

First Presbyterian Church, St. Clare’s Episcopal Church,

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, and Blue Ocean Faith AA


How Does Vacation Bible School Work?
Children will be placed in small family groups. Each group consists of children of varying ages, kindergarten complete through fifth grade, from all churches. A “parent” introduces the family group to the life and customs of families living in the time of Christ. They travel together to various activities …visiting the arts and crafts marketplace, attending Synagogue school, participating in dramas based on Bible stories, visiting the storyteller, and more.

What Exactly IS Marketplace?
Marketplace is our Vacation Bible School program that teaches children the stories of Jesus and what life was like during his time. Held on the grounds of First Presbyterian Church, 1432 Washtenaw Ave, this program is hosted by First Presbyterian Church, St. Clare’s Episcopal Church, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, and Blue Ocean Faith Ann Arbor. “Shopkeepers” in the marketplace get ready for business. Fun, games and net tossing!

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