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Adult Education Commission

The purpose of the Adult Education Commission is to support the offering of learning opportunities for participants who are interested in exploring Christianity’s roots and theology, and looking to strengthen their faith and spiritual journey.

The goal for our Adult Education is that participants and facilitators will increase their knowledge of the Bible, the history of the church, and various theological approaches to Christianity. A joyful environment lays the foundation for participants and facilitators to learn from each other and grow in understanding of each other.

Adult Education content responds to the needs and wishes of interested participants and facilitators. Classes range from seasonal (Advent, Lent) to multi-year studies.

The Commission would like to hear from parishioners who have suggestions for subjects they would like to learn more about, and from parishioners who would like to serve on the commission to plan, design, and/or lead classes.

Who to contact: Barbara Scoville (bscoville@gmail.com)

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild supports joyful worship by preparing the Sanctuary for services, cleaning and storing items afterwards. In addition, they are responsible for the care of all items used in worship services; including linens, communion elements (bread and wine), communion vessels, candles, books, kneelers, hangings, flowers, and vestments for clergy, vergers, and acolytes. Altar Guild members periodically clean, repair or replace items as needed, often with the proceeds from the Altar Guild’s annual Advent Sale.

In addition to Sunday services, the Altar Guild supports other special services throughout the year such as the Easter Vigil, Agape Feast, and Christmas Community service. The Altar Guild works with the clergy and music director to ensure appropriate preparations for worship. They stay in close contact with the Worship Commission regarding worship planning with one member serving on that commission. They also support the work of Eucharistic Visitors by maintaining the travel communion kit.

Special projects have included cleaning and reupholstery of the historic red needlepoint kneelers surrounding the altar, and the purchase of new chasubles (priest’s vestment for celebrating Eucharist) and matching chalice veils and pulpit hanging. The Altar Guild purchases new altar books periodically as gifts to the Church.

The Altar Guild is happy to welcome new members. A good way to start is to help with setup for Sunday services and cleanup afterward. The work is light, and the joy is plentiful.

Who to contact: Kate Curtin (kmcurtin53@gmail.com)

Care and Belonging Commission

The goal of the Care and Belonging Commission is to encourage fellowship by supporting church social events, welcoming the newcomer, and helping staff and clergy provide care and support to congregants as needed.

Care and Belonging helps to arrange hospitality at regular and special church events. It provides food at the coffee hours following the worship services, and supports an outreach worship service every second Sunday at a local retirement home. It also organizes the annual Shrove Tuesday pancake supper.

Commission members make sure all are welcomed and supported as part of the congregation. The Commission organizes quarterly new-member dinners. Commission members through our licensed Eucharistic Ministers assist clergy in making home or hospital visits to those unable to attend church.

The Commission would like to hear from parishioners who are interested in participating in its hospitality and welcoming activities.

Who to contact: John Little (jlittle42@att.net)

Children & Youth Commission

The purpose of the Children and Youth Commission is to form and sustain an environment of loving and supportive relationships with children, youth, and their families and walk beside them on their individual spiritual journeys. This journey includes experiences of worship, fellowship, opportunities for formation, and service to others.

Through the leadership of Suzanne Di Piazza, Director of Children Youth and Families, the commission works collaboratively with the rector, music minister, lay leaders, and others to provide input into the design and provide faith formation classes, special liturgical events, and community events for fellowship or service.

The Commission would like to hear from with parishioners who would like to work with children and youth religious formation.

Who to contact: Suzanne Di Piazza  (suzanne@saintclareschurch.org)

Parish Resources Commission

The purpose of the Parish Resources Commission is to monitor parish assets to maintain a strong foundation for carrying out the Church’s ministries, programs, and outreach. On a monthly basis, the Parish Resources Commission monitors income and expenses monthly against the Vestry-approved church budget and keeps track of the balances in designated funds. The Commission also makes sure that the Wisdom House, St. Francis Chapel, and Charles Street House are in good condition.

Annually, the Parish Resources Commission prepares the church budget for Vestry approval, working with the Stewardship Commission. The Parish Resources Commission also communicates with the Genesis Finance Committee to ensure the budget sufficiently covers contributions toward Genesis expenses. The Commission also conducts a periodic review of insurance coverage carried by the church.

The Parish Resources Commission also ensures that the handling of church funds and financial and archival information follows general accounting standards and the Episcopal Church Manual of Business Methods. At the Vestry’s request, the Parish Resources Commission drafts policies governing handling of church assets.

Members of the congregation who like keeping track of things and working with numbers, or keeping physical structures in good condition, are most welcome to join the Parish Resources Commission.

Who to contact: Laurie Kantner (laurkantner@gmail.com)

Worship Commission

The Worship Commission is made up of parishioners who support our worship services in many ways. They serve in, or suggest improvements to, roles such as Altar Guild [link to Altar Guild page], ushers, vergers, acolytes, and Eucharistic Ministers. They provide input about the content and form of worship services. The commission offers opportunity to have one’s voice heard by clergy and other worship planners.

The Worship Commission coordinates with the vestry, clergy and parish membership through direct conversation, worship service announcements, and written communications to enhance sense of community. We aim to keep conversation open about our worship experiences and work to balance traditional and innovative forms of worship. We work especially to encourage and listen to input from all parishioners.

The Commission may periodically conduct an All Member survey about worship service preferences.

The Commission is interested in hearing from parishioners who wish to serve as ushers/greeters, vergers, and acolytes, and from parishioners who would like to share their suggestions about worship at St. Clare’s.

Who to contact: Linda Henny (linhenny@umich.edu)