At our Annual Meeting at 1 p.m. on January 30, we will elect Vestry members (4 seats) and delegates to Diocesan Convention (3 seats), and we will vote to approve updates to St. Clare’s bylaws and a land acknowledgement. Nominees for Vestry and convention delegates are listed below. You will find details about the updates to the bylaws by clicking here, and the land acknowledgement by clicking here.

The Vestry is pleased to present the nominees for election to St. Clare’s Vestry. Outgoing and continuing Vestry members are listed below.

Mac Dick

Carolin and I joined Saint Clare’s in the early 80s, a few years after we moved to Ann Arbor from the East Coast. I did a little exploring and came upon Saint Clare’s on my second effort. And found it welcoming with an extraordinary message – love, justice, tolerant, unpretentious, transparent, free to speak truth to power and its unique Genesis relationship with Temple Beth Emeth. We quickly became engaged, both serving, at different times, on the Vestry and then as Sr. and Jr. Wardens. I taught Sunday School and have served on the Genesis Board. I have served (and still am serving) on the Endowment Board and worked in the Food Pantry. More recently I was on our Search Committee for our terrific new Rector. In my other life, I am a retired Professor of Pediatrics at Michigan and worked for 44 years at Mott Children’s Hospital as a pediatric cardiologist. Carolin and I have two grown children and two grandchildren. We would like more.

Peter Millar

Following brief church shopping upon arriving in Ann Arbor some 16 years ago, I joined Saint Clare’s along with my wife Thana and two children, Travis and Kelly. In the years since, I remain impressed by Saint Clare’s strong community through good and challenging times and continued focus beyond the building walls.

Professionally, most of my career has been in commercial finance with some time spent consulting on and auditing of quality management systems (ISO 9000). I have previous experience at Saint Clare’s on Vestry, Parish Resources committee (finance), Haiti Outreach Mission, the Rotating Shelter and other commissions.

The future looks bright for us with a new rector(hi Anne) beginning to settle in and bringing her vision to Saint Clare’s. A Vestry with diverse experience and skills remains important in helping guide the Parish’s evolution. I stand willing to serve if asked.

Ann Putallaz

I first walked into St. Clare’s almost 30 years ago, seeking a church that was more inclusive than the one I had been attending. It took only a few visits for me to understand that this was the faith community I had been searching for. I was drawn in by a sense of the community’s inclusiveness, the warmth of its welcome, and the sight of the Star of David and the Cross standing side by side in front of the building.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to have had many opportunities to participate in the life of St. Clare’s. I have served on the Vestry, the Endowment Board, and the Genesis Board, as well as various committees, including Stewardship and Adult Faith Formation. I’m currently chairing the Equity Education and Action Committee (EEAC). Among the activities that I’ve particularly enjoyed were: creating the first St. Clarian cookbook with Jill Crabtree back in 1997; chairing the wonderful committee that led to the establishment of St. Clare’s Endowment Fund; and, with a small group of St. Clarians, hosting quarterly dinners for the clients who came to the Back Door Food Pantry (until that endeavor was shut down by COVID). I’ve also participated in the life of the Diocese, serving over the years as a Trustee, Diocesan Treasurer, and member of the Standing Committee.

I’m retired from my full-time job in the investment world, but do contract work for CFA Institute, focusing on issues related to ethics and standards, including the Global Investment Performance Standards and the Global ESG Disclosure Standards for Investment Products. I have 2 sons, 5 stepsons, and 8 grandchildren (4 of whom received communion for the first time at St. Clare’s). With the arrival of our new rector, the Rev. Anne Clarke and her family, a new chapter in the life of our faith community has begun. I have a sense that it will be a very exciting and fruitful chapter, and I am happy to participate in any way that I am called to serve.

Vera Schwankl

bio to be added

Debra Stevens

Our family joined St. Clares in 2006 after visiting several churches in the area. Ann (my wife) and I were looking for an open and affirming church with a strong Children’s Ministry for our then 11 year old son David. We certainly found that in the Community of St. Clares! During the first year I had joined the “Faith, Food, and Family” committee and David became an acolyte. We participated in numerous church events and were thrilled that David preferred to hang out with his church friends throughout his middle school and high school years.

I have served on the Vestry, the Adult Formation committee,and the Social Committee (providing food for many church events). Most recently, I was honored to be part of the Rector Search Committee that brought the lovely Rev. Anne Clark and her family to St. Clares.

After participating in several Change the World conferences offered by Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, OH, with a small group of St. Clarians, our group started Cell Groups at St. Clares. I have been part of a Cell Group for many years which has been an important part of my Spiritual Journey and has also provided quarterly dinners to patrons of the Back Door Food Pantry.

As I get closer to retirement from teaching children with special needs (40 years and still going strong!), I feel a push towards getting more involved with my faith community. I would appreciate the opportunity to serve on the Vestry and am willing to support St. Clares in any way that I can.

Cathy Stone

Our family – myself, my husband, Rob, and our son, Justin – first came to St. Clare’s in 2004. We found it to be a welcoming community, focused then as now on its mission to worship with joy, grow in faith and act for justice. It has become our spiritual home.

I have contributed to St. Clare’s in many ways, including serving on the altar guild, teaching Sunday School, serving on the Children and Youth commission, helping with pancake suppers, Advent and Lent workshops, and helping with and partipating in a variety of other programs and activities. I am also a member of the Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross, a vowed community of Episcopal women focused on intercessory prayer, spiritual growth and simplicity of life.

I have just retired from teaching in the Ann Arbor Public Schools, working primarily as a first grade teacher and reading specialist, so I finally feel that I have the time necessary for being a part of the Vestry. I also enjoy baking, crafting, reading and spending time with my family (In addition to Justin, we have 2 daughters who live with their spouses in Traverse City and Philadelphia).

Mary Wise

I first started attending St. Clare’s in 2004 and jumped in rather immediately. I have participated in the choir since then, and in that past have helped out with various events and volunteered with Alpha House or driving during the weeks we host the shelter. I also have served on the Children, Youth and Young Adult commission in the past, and for one year was a Sunday school teacher, before I decided that was not my thing. Although I’m not on the committee any more, I still run the Advent greens sale every year, which I have done for so long I can’t even remember when I started. I also volunteer to help out with any needed youth activities as needed, which in the past included things like the World Vision fasting overnight. I’ve taken the occasional faith formation class, and this past year participated in a Sacred Ground circle. Anti-racism is a very important issue to me and I’d like to help St. Clare’s move forward in that area. In my personal life, I enjoy cycling (road, gravel, mountain), knitting, baking/cooking, training my dog hopefully for agility (I don’t bother with the cat), anything outdoors, and I aspire to be as good a kayaker as our bishop! I also am an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction. I have no kids of the human kind but enjoy my fur-kids, which at the moment includes one each of a dog and cat.

Outgoing Vestry Members

Many thanks to those who are completing their terms on the Vestry at our annual meeting: Barry Fuller, Linda Klimach, Mike Meyer. Ed Happ has agreed to complete the final year of Eliza Nuxoll’s term since Eliza and her family have relocated temporarily to England.

Continuing Vestry Members

Term ending at our annual meeting in 2023: Christine Cook, Ed Happ, Julia Smith, Jennifer Wolf

Term ending at our annual meeting in 2024: Paul Holman, Barb Kilbourn, David Laurance, Tom Rich

Nominees for Delegates to Diocesan Convention

Joanne Heaton, Kate Morris Curtin, John Renehan, Judy Avery, Carolyn Sampselle, Linda Klimach

We send three delegates to Diocesan Convention. The three nominees who got the most votes will be considered our delegates, the remaining three will be our alternates, ready to step in if one of the delegates cannot serve.